Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,
nwhyte - the #SNCB / #NMBS clients strike back

We had an exciting general strike yesterday in protest at the government's planned austerity measures, or as a friend of mine put it on Facebook, "it's like an ant kicking the other ants in the backside on the assumption that the ant-eater will feel the pain". Certainly it's difficult to see how the transport strike will seriously inconvenience those with any power, while at the same time it reminds those of us dependent on the lousy service provided by SNCB / NMBS of the grotesque sense of entitlement which the staff of Belgium's largest employer seem to enjoy.

One enterprising group of passengers proposes a counter protest. From this site you can download a fake ticket to hand over to your conductor next time you travel by train to indicate your disapproval of yesterday's action. It's of course rather unfair to take out one's feelings on the train staff, when the real problem is clearly one of corporate culture overall; I don't even particularly blame the unions who are just playing the game according to the usual script. But this seems to me a harmless and sane response.

(For a satirical take on the recent public sector strike in another EU state see here.)

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