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Some more EU summit links

Just in case you are actually interested in seeing how the EU summit appears to commentators who have not swallowed the Downing Street version of events as readily as most media, here are a fee links that caught my eye. (Apologies if you have already seen me post them on Facebook or Twitter.)

The Economist's David Rennie brutally skewers any claims of British diplomatic success:
In my version of the English language, when one member of a club uses his veto, he blocks something from happening. Mr Cameron did not stop France, Germany and the other 15 members of the euro zone from going ahead with what they are proposing. He asked for safeguards for financial services and—as had been well trailed in advance—France and Germany said no. That's not wielding a veto, that's called losing.
Jon Worth summarises the discussion between Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron.

The Economist's David Rennie, again, with a scoop explaining how exactly Cameron screwed up at the summit.

Jason O'Mahoney reflects on British Eurosceptics.

Kosmopolit dissects Cameron's diplomatic failure.

Faisal Islam concludes that "it appears the PM claimed to have vetoed something that wasn’t there".

And finally, my colleague Carne Ross makes the point that there will be little popular consultation in the next few months.
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