Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Recipe: Red cabbage and figs

I invented this in a moment of inspiration this evening, and family reviews were good. The quantities are necessarily approximate.


Enough red cabbage
A little butter (probably a non-dairy fat or oil could be used; trick is not to let it get too hot)
One cardamom pod per person
Half a dried fig per person (round fractions up)

1) Melt the butter / heat the oil.
2) Add the chopped red cabbage, stir around to ensure it's all covered.
3) Add the crushed cardamoms and sliced figs. And also a couple of pinches of salt.
4) Cover and cook on low heat, stirring every ten minutes, until the cabbage is soft. (Should take 30-45 mins.)

It worked for us, anyway. I am aware that you can also use apple and/or raspberry with cabbage, but figs do give an extra granularity of texture and depth of flavour. And cardamoms go well with all brassicas.
Tags: cooking

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