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Cyrillic italics

Those of you whose friends use the twitter-to-LJ daily post feature will have noticed that for some reason the subject line has been coming through in Russian, as:

Мои твиты

which is Russian for "my tweets". (Transliterated, "Moi tvity", "tvit"/твит being Russian for "tweet" and "tvity"/твиты being the plural; for completeness I should note that although мои is usually transliterated "moi" it's pronounced more like "mai" or the English word "my", which conveniently is what it means.)

Some Cyrillic italic/cursive letters look rather different from normal letters, much more so than is the case with the Latin alphabet. In particular, the italic/cursive version of the letter т often looks like Latin m - т - and the italic/cursive version of и looks like Latin u - и. So the "My tweets" header ends up rather different in italics, making at least one person I read wonder if the title had actually changed between reading it on their friends list and clicking through to the individual post:

Мои твиты -> Мои твиты

This doesn't work for everyone, particularly not if your default view is a sans-serif font. On my default view it looks like this:

There are some other ones which take some getting used to - the letters г, д and п (for g, d and p) are г, д and п in italics. (That last one should look like a Latin n.)

In Serbian and Macedonian the italic/cursive versions of б, п, г, д, and т is different again, but because blog posts tend to default to the Russian-based letter forms I can only point you to the Wikipedia illustration (I can't find a way of reliably displaying the South Slavic versions here). And one practical example: when I lived in Banja Luka, the local beer was rather optimistically called Nektar:

For reasons which will be obvious, some of my international colleagues often referred to it as "Hekwap":

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