Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Links roundup

I am greatly admiring of the efforts of andrewducker to set up a viable system for us all via either Pinboard or the new mutated Delicious, but for now I'm going to post the last week's worth of interesting links by hand. (Though with thanks to Pinboard for speeding up the process.)

How To Lead Clever People - via Peter Wicks. I don't agree with it all but most of it struck a chord.

Let Her be Eaten!: Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Tombs of Atuan - Jo Walton's second review in the series.

The Adventures of Tintin - Official Trailer 2 -  Can't wait!

Rover's Eye View of Three-Year Trek on Mars - Pictures from the Red Planet. (In black and white.)

Joyce Carol Vincent: how could this young woman lie dead and undiscovered for almost three years? - Very sad story, sounds like a fascinating documentary.

Recession Officially Over, U.S. Incomes Kept Falling - Economy grows, most see no benefits.

Mutation may have led to humans' rise - What set us apart from the apes.

Hell's Kitchen: ‘A Chilling Effect on Oral History in This Country’: Q&A With ‘Belfast Project’ Director Ed Moloney - unethical behavior by journalist Ciaran Barnes and friend.

Panic of the Plutocrats - Krugman on form.

Why Should I Care About the British Fantasy Awards? - Pádraig tells us.
And the award for the stupidest committee of 2011 goes to... - Angie tells us.
The British Fantasy Society - Stramash or Stooshie? - Juliet tells us.
Statement to Members of the BFS from Graham Joyce - Moving on.

Tales from the Coffeeshop: Not too difficult to understand - The aftermath of the Mari explosion. Probably of limited interest to those not fascinated by Cyprus politics, but I do like their writing.

Listen: Hemingway’s Short, Moving Nobel Prize Speech - Extraordinary.

Writing for (y)EU | The trap falls of tweeting politics - How should the European Parliament institutionally use Twitter?

Why isn't everyone hacked every day? - Good read on the economics of cybercrime, worth getting your head around

Media Law Prof Blog: The EU, Privacy, Academic Research, and Freedom of Expression

Jason Burke on Islamic Militancy | FiveBooks | The Browser - Excellent interview on Islamic militancy from a site that always produces good stuff.

And finally:
Serbia's European Perspectives - I am speaking at LSE on Thursday evening (13 Oct). Email if you would like to attend.
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