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SpongeBob 'may impair concentration' - What a load of nonsense!

New Borders, new names? - Notes from my radio appearance on Sunday (and there is more to come on this).

Five Paradoxes of Peace Operation, by Richard Gowan (PDF): 1)  Military peacekeeping has grown in scale - yet lost operational impact. 2)  Peacekeeping is cheap - but it is also still too expensive. 3) All peace operations are political - but not all are guided by credible political strategies and few peacekeepers are good at politics. 4)  Peacekeepers promote democracy and justice - but democracy and justice don’t always promote peace. 5) Emerging non-Western powers play a major role in peacekeeping - but may not want it.

The first of its kind - a constitution-making handbook for peace: "A modern constitution needs to be legitimate in the eyes of the people, but achieving this is a challenge. Often national and international constitution-makers feel out in the cold as there has been no comprehensive resource on the options for constitution-making and reform. The design, implementation and management of these processes, in an inclusive way, create the foundations for lasting peace. The stakes are high. If the process goes wrong the seeds of future conflict and violence will be sown."


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Sep. 12th, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
Programmes that are fast paced and feature unrealistic events may over-stimulate the brain, making it harder to trigger executive function, a process used to complete tasks, Prof Lillard said. Children may also mimic the characters after the show ends and not concentrate.

Those are pretty different effects to lump together as if they were somehow equivalent. It sounds from the last sentence as if children were actually engaged by the cartoon, and perhaps preferred to continue to live in Bikini Bottom (if only imagination) rather than return to the wacky world of psychological guinea piggery. Sensible kids.
Sep. 13th, 2011 06:43 am (UTC)
Also, "The kids did something exciting and were then not in the mood to concentrate" is hardly news.

If they'd taken kids who never watched SpongeBob, had half of them watch an episode a day over two weeks, (while the other half didn't) and then tested them all at a time which was at least an hour away from their watching of an episode and _then_ found differences, I'd be interested.
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