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Doctor Who books, in internal chronological order

I'm getting near the end of my rewatch of Old Who now, and I wondered to myself if I could have tried reading the various Doctor Who novels, novellas and annuals in parallel with watching the shows, in such a way that I could follow the continuous narrative all the way from An Unearthly Child to Survival. (I did in fact slot the annuals from 1966 to 1986 into my reading schedule as I watched the old stories.)

Using the chronology here, and stripping out short stories, comics, and (with a slightly heavy heart) Big Finish audios, but adding in the annuals (and Who Killed Kennedy?) as best I could, I came up with the list below (which hopefully includes all separately published books featuring the Doctor which were not based on TV stories, though excludes all other spinoff material and anything set after Survival in the Doctor's personal timeline).

I've come to the conclusion that it would actually be quite difficult to both rewatch Old Who and read all the relevant books in parallel. The books tend to get bunched at narratively convenient points of continuity - look at the groupings between Season 1 and Season 2, between Power of the Daleks and The Highlanders, towards the end of Jo Grant's time, towards the beginning of Leela's and Peri's times, and particularly immediately before and after the Trial of a Time Lord. It simply wouldn't be possible (even for me, and I read very fast) to read those books in continuity order without disrupting your rewatching schedule significantly.

So while I hope the list below will be helpful to those who want to track down books set in a particular era - and I have linked to all the ones I have reviewed - and it could be the basis for a re-read from Frayed through to the point before the New Adventures begin, I fear it demonstrates that its original purpose is unachievable.

(NB that Heart of TARDIS is listed twice, but Cold Fusion only once because the Seventh Doctor timeline is set after Survival.)

First Doctor TV stories and books
Frayed Telos Novella 11
Time and Relative Telos Novella 01
An Unearthly Child 4 episodes
The Daleks 7 episodes
The Edge of Destruction 2 episodes
Marco Polo 7 episodes
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Missing Adventure 12
The Keys of Marinus 6 episodes
The Aztecs 4 episodes
The Sensorites 6 episodes
The Reign of Terror 6 episodes
Farewell Great Macedon Script published, dramatised by Big Finish
The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance Script published, dramatised by Big Finish
The Masters of Luxor Script published 
Campaign Unofficially published novel
City at World's End Past Doctors Adventure 25
The Witch Hunters Past Doctors Adventure 09
Planet of Giants 3 episodes
The Time Travellers Past Doctors Adventure 75
The Dalek Invasion of Earth 6 episodes
Venusian Lullaby Missing Adventure 03
The Rescue 2 episodes
Byzantium! Past Doctors Adventure 44
The Romans 4 episodes
The Eleventh Tiger Past Doctors Adventure 66
The Web Planet 6 episodes
The Crusade 4 episodes
The Space Museum 4 episodes
The Plotters Missing Adventure 28
The Chase 6 episodes
The Time Meddler 4 episodes
The Empire of Glass Missing Adventure 16
Doctor Who Annual 1966
Galaxy 4 4 episodes
Mission to the Unknown 1 episode
The Myth Makers 4 episodes
The Daleks' Master Plan 12 episodes
The Massacre 4 episodes
Salvation Past Doctors Adventure 18
The Ark 4 episodes
The Celestial Toymaker 4 episodes
The Gunfighters 4 episodes
Bunker Soldiers Past Doctors Adventure 39
The Savages 4 episodes
The Man in the Velvet Mask Missing Adventure 19
The War Machines 4 episodes
Doctor Who and the Invasion From Space Separately published novella
Doctor Who Annual 1967
The Smugglers 4 episodes
Ten Little Aliens Past Doctors Adventure 54
The Tenth Planet 4 episodes

Second Doctor TV stories and books
The Power of the Daleks 6 episodes
Invasion of the Cat-People Missing Adventure 13
The Murder Game Past Doctors Adventure 02
Dying in the Sun Past Doctors Adventure 47
Wonderland Telos Novella 07
Doctor Who Annual 1968
The Highlanders 4 episodes
The Underwater Menace 4 episodes
The Moonbase 4 episodes
The Macra Terror 4 episodes
The Roundheads Past Doctors Adventure 06
The Faceless Ones 6 episodes
The Evil of the Daleks 7 episodes
The Tomb of the Cybermen 4 episodes
Heart of TARDIS Past Doctors Adventure 32
The Abominable Snowmen 6 episodes
The Ice Warriors 6 episodes
Dreams of Empire Past Doctors Adventure 14
Combat Rock Past Doctors Adventure 55
The Enemy of the World 6 episodes
The Web of Fear 6 episodes
Twilight of the Gods Missing Adventure 26
The Dark Path Missing Adventure 32
Doctor Who Annual 1969
Fury from the Deep 6 episodes
The Wheel in Space 6 episodes
The Dominators 5 episodes
The Mind Robber 5 episodes
The Invasion 8 episodes
The Colony of Lies Past Doctors Adventure 61
The Indestructible Man Past Doctors Adventure 69
Foreign Devils Telos Novella 05
The Krotons 4 episodes
The Seeds of Death 6 episodes
The Final Sanction Past Doctors Adventure 24
The Space Pirates 6 episodes
The Menagerie Missing Adventure 10
Doctor Who Annual 1970
The War Games 10 episodes
World Game Past Doctors Adventure 74

Third Doctor TV stories and books
Spearhead from Space 4 episodes
Doctor Who and the Silurians 7 episodes
The Ambassadors of Death 7 episodes
Inferno 7 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1971
The Eye of the Giant
Missing Adventure 21
The Scales of Injustice Missing Adventure 24
The Devil Goblins from Neptune Past Doctors Adventure 01
Terror of the Autons 4 episodes
The Mind of Evil 6 episodes
Deadly Reunion Past Doctors Adventure 63
The Claws of Axos 4 episodes
Who Killed Kennedy Missing Adventure 21.5, not numbered, may as well go here
Colony in Space 6 episodes
The Dæmons 5 episodes
Day of the Daleks 4 episodes
The Curse of Peladon 4 episodes
The Face of the Enemy Past Doctors Adventure 07
Rags Past Doctors Adventure 40
The Sea Devils 6 episodes
The Mutants 6 episodes
The Time Monster 6 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1973
Verdigris Past Doctors Adventure 30
The Three Doctors 4 episodes
The Wages of Sin Past Doctors Adventure 19
Carnival of Monsters 4 episodes
The Suns of Caresh Past Doctors Adventure 56
Frontier in Space 6 episodes
Planet of the Daleks 6 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1974
Catastrophea Past Doctors Adventure 11
Nightdreamers Telos Novella 03
Dancing the Code Missing Adventure 09
Last of the Gaderene Past Doctors Adventure 28
Speed of Flight Missing Adventure 27
Doctor Who Annual 1975
The Green Death 6 episodes
The Time Warrior 4 episodes
The Paradise of Death audio, later novelised
Invasion of the Dinosaurs 6 episodes
Death to the Daleks 4 episodes
The Ghosts of N-Space audio, later novelised
The Monster of Peladon 6 episodes
Amorality Tale Past Doctors Adventure 52
Island of Death Past Doctors Adventure 71
Planet of the Spiders 6 episodes

Fourth Doctor TV stories and books
Robot 4 episodes
The Ark in Space 4 episodes
The Sontaran Experiment 2 episodes
Genesis of the Daleks 6 episodes
A Device of Death Missing Adventure 31
Revenge of the Cybermen 4 episodes
Wolfsbane Past Doctors Adventure 62
Doctor Who Annual 1976
Terror of the Zygons 4 episodes
Planet of Evil 4 episodes
Managra Missing Adventure 14
Pyramids of Mars 4 episodes
The Android Invasion 4 episodes
The Brain of Morbius 4 episodes
Evolution Missing Adventure 02
The Seeds of Doom 6 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1977
System Shock Missing Adventure 11
The Masque of Mandragora 4 episodes
The Pescatons audio, later novelised
Doctor Who Annual 1978
The Hand of Fear 4 episodes
The Deadly Assassin 4 episodes
Ghost Ship Telos Novella 04
Millennium Shock Past Doctors Adventure 22
Asylum Past Doctors Adventure 42
The Face of Evil 4 episodes
The Robots of Death 4 episodes
Drift Past Doctors Adventure 50
Last Man Running Past Doctors Adventure 15
Corpse Marker Past Doctors Adventure 27
Psi-ence Fiction Past Doctors Adventure 46
Match of the Day Past Doctors Adventure 70
The Talons of Weng-Chiang 6 episodes
Eye of Heaven Past Doctors Adventure 08
Horror of Fang Rock 4 episodes
The Invisible Enemy 4 episodes
Image of the Fendahl 4 episodes
The Sun Makers 4 episodes
Underworld 4 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1979
The Invasion of Time 6 episodes
The Ribos Operation 4 episodes
Tomb of Valdemar Past Doctors Adventure 29
The Pirate Planet 4 episodes
The Stones of Blood 4 episodes
The Shadow of Weng-Chiang Missing Adventure 25
Heart of TARDIS Past Doctors Adventure 32
The Androids of Tara 4 episodes
The Power of Kroll 4 episodes
The Armageddon Factor 6 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1980
Destiny of the Daleks 4 episodes
City of Death 4 episodes
The Creature from the Pit 4 episodes
The Romance of Crime Missing Adventure 06
The English Way of Death Missing Adventure 20
Nightmare of Eden 4 episodes
The Horns of Nimon 4 episodes
Shada 6 episodes, Incomplete
The Well-Mannered War Missing Adventure 33
Festival of Death Past Doctors Adventure 35
Doctor Who Annual 1981
The Leisure Hive 4 episodes
Meglos 4 episodes
Full Circle 4 episodes
State of Decay 4 episodes
Warriors' Gate 4 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1982
The Keeper of Traken 4 episodes
Logopolis 4 episodes

Fifth Doctor TV stories and books
Castrovalva 4 episodes
Cold Fusion Missing Adventure 29
Four to Doomsday 4 episodes
Kinda 4 episodes
The Visitation 4 episodes
Divided Loyalties Past Doctors Adventure 26
Black Orchid 2 episodes
Earthshock 4 episodes
Time-Flight 4 episodes
Empire of Death Past Doctors Adventure 65
Arc of Infinity 4 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1983
Fear of the Dark Past Doctors Adventure 58
Zeta Major Past Doctors Adventure 13
The Sands of Time Missing Adventure 22
Snakedance 4 episodes
Goth Opera Missing Adventure 01
Mawdryn Undead 4 episodes
Terminus 4 episodes
Enlightenment 4 episodes
The King's Demons 2 episodes
The Crystal Bucephalus Missing Adventure 04
Doctor Who Annual 1984
The Five Doctors
Warriors of the Deep 4 episodes
Deep Blue Past Doctors Adventure 20
The Awakening 2 episodes
The King of Terror Past Doctors Adventure 37
Frontios 4 episodes
Resurrection of the Daleks 2 episodes
Lords of the Storm Missing Adventure 17
Imperial Moon Past Doctors Adventure 34
Planet of Fire 4 episodes
The Ultimate Treasure Past Doctors Adventure 03
Blood and Hope Telos Novella 14
Superior Beings Past Doctors Adventure 43
Warmonger Past Doctors Adventure 53
The Caves of Androzani 4 episodes

Sixth Doctor TV stories and books
The Twin Dilemma 4 episodes
Doctor Who Annual 1985
Attack of the Cybermen 2 episodes
Vengeance on Varos 2 episodes
Grave Matter Past Doctors Adventure 31
Shell Shock Telos Novella 08
Burning Heart Missing Adventure 30
Synthespians™ Past Doctors Adventure 67
The Mark of the Rani 2 episodes
Players Past Doctors Adventure 21
The Two Doctors 3 episodes
Blue Box Past Doctors Adventure 59
Timelash 2 episodes
Revelation of the Daleks 2 episodes
The Nightmare Fair Missing Story novelised by Target, dramatised by Big Finish
The Ultimate Evil Missing Story novelised by Target
Mission to Magnus Missing Story novelised by Target, dramatised by Big Finish
Slipback audio, later novelised
Doctor Who Annual 1986
State of Change Missing Adventure 05
Palace of the Red Sun Past Doctors Adventure 51
The Mysterious Planet 4 episodes 
Mindwarp 4 episodes 
Terror of the Vervoids 4 episodes 
The Ultimate Foe 2 episodes
Time of Your Life Missing Adventure 08
Killing Ground Missing Adventure 23
Mission: Impractical Past Doctors Adventure 12
The Shadow in the Glass Past Doctors Adventure 41
Business Unusual Past Doctors Adventure 04
Millennial Rites Missing Adventure 15
The Quantum Archangel Past Doctors Adventure 38
Instruments of Darkness Past Doctors Adventure 48
Spiral Scratch Past Doctors Adventure 72

Seventh Doctor TV stories and books (up to Survival)
Time and the Rani 4 episodes
Paradise Towers 4 episodes
Delta and the Bannermen 3 episodes
Dragonfire 3 episodes
Remembrance of the Daleks 4 episodes
The Happiness Patrol 3 episodes
Silver Nemesis 3 episodes
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 4 episodes
Battlefield 4 episodes
Relative Dementias Past Doctors Adventure 49
Ghost Light 3 episodes
The Curse of Fenric 4 episodes
The Hollow Men Past Doctors Adventure 10
Survival 3 episodes
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