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A splendidly creepy story of the Doctor, Amy and Rory (set between the wedding and the opening of Season 6) at a Swiss sanatorium in the late 18th century where almost nothing is as it seems. James Goss varies from entertaining to excellent as a Who writer, and this is a particularly inventive novel, told from the points of view of various narrators, including the Doctor, Amy and Rory, all of whom turn out to be unreliable in one way or the other. As with any Who-related work by Goss, this is strongly recommended.

I started it by listening to the audio version read by Clare Corbett and then realised I had the paper copy of the book, so read the last two thirds in dead tree format, really because I am a quick reader and wanted to find out what happened; Corbett's reading, and in particular her characterisation of the different first-person narrators with their varying accents, is excellent.


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Jul. 29th, 2011 07:58 am (UTC)
I'm up to the 7th of December in this audiobook, agreed that the book is taking some nice twists and turns especially the Rory/Doctor twist, I hope you go back and finish the audio version as Clare's reading is excellent. I particularly like her Marie character. No doubt you went down the direct from audio go route as its not available any other way, I found the multi files a bit of a chore, ended up getting some freeware to join the audio tracks all together to make it one file otherwise my iPod looks a mess, no chapter points sadly but at least the iPod remembers where I left off.
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