Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

EU birth statistics

I extracted these stats from the Eurostat site:

(the numbers are births registered in each month of 2009, taken as a percentage of all births in 2009, divided by the number of days in the month)

September is just ahead of July as the top month for average daily birthrate in the EU, though July is top in more member states (16 to 8). November is just below December for the EU as a whole, though there is a lot more variation. Fascinating that most countries show a dip in August as compared to the two neighbouring months. The outliers are not surprisingly those with low birth rates combined with unusual climates (for the EU); Cyprus in light blue goes up and down more than any other, Malta the light orange which dips below the others in August and above the others in November, and Latvia is high in March and June.

Just idle curiosity really.

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