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Crime of the Century

This story by Andrew Cartmel, part of the current Big Finish run of 'lost' Seventh Doctor scripts, is basically an introduction story for new companion Raine, whose origins were explained in last month's instalment in this series, Thin Ice. I'm afraid it didn't really grab me as firmly as its predecessor did - I think 'Kaffiristan' is a somewhat dubious name for a fictional country, even a former Soviet republic, and the alien Metatraxi sound like they have escaped from a lesser work of Douglas Adams; their means and motivation were not well explained. Also Ace has forgiven the Doctor awfully quickly for his attempt to manipulate her fate in the previous story. On its own merits it's solid enough (speaking as one who has just finished re-watching The Twin Dilemma, after which any other Who looks like a masterpiece) but I was disappointed.


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Jun. 14th, 2011 07:02 am (UTC)
I'm disappointed in the new companion, Raine - which is a shame, because I am normally very positive about companions. I really liked Raina in Thin Ice, and I like the concept of this character... possibly it's just that the build up of 20+ years on the catburglar companion has run its course? Plus, it was already done (not well) with Christina De Souza, PLUS the best thing about this story, the pre-credits sequence involving Raine, a safe to be cracked, and the Doctor, was completely spoiled by the 'extras' of the previously story...

Mostly what I don't like is that Raine's voice is so similar to that of Mel. Now, unlike many Doctor Who fans, I have no beef with Bonnie Langford or Mel, but I think the time has well passed for a character whose main characteristic is 'perky,' and I find the similarity really distracting. I'd rather have new adventures with Ace and Mel!

So yes, after being quite excited about this run of stories, and really enjoying Thin Ice, I am pretty disappointed.

Jun. 14th, 2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
Kaffiristan? Seriously? Fuck that shit... Glad I don't buy these.
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