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June Books 14) The Doctor Who Annual 1985

Most kids would have been reading this annual, featuring the Sixth Doctor as played by Colin Baker, after the bizarre and unsettling experience of watching the new bloke in The Twin Dilemma several months before, and in the hope that in the new season due to begin in January the Doctor would start to behave, y'know, nicely. This annual would have reassured those kids; seven fairly unexceptional stories, one featuring the Master and several other Time Lords, one set in the eleventh century with a historical twist (and no sfnal elements other than the presence of the Doctor and Peri). There are two behind-the-scenes features on set design and special effects, no comics, no games, no factual filler items. It is the way the annuals have been going since JNT took over but it does feel like a bit of a reboot, given the new Doctor being featured here. The artwork is solid but not gorgeous.

Only one more of these to go - the 1986 annual was the last.

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