Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

That West Belfast by-election result, then

@Paul Maskey (SF) 16,211 (70.6%, -0.5%)
@Alex Attwood (SDLP) 3088 (13.5%, -2.9%)
Gerry Carroll (People Before Profit) 1751 (7.6%)
Brian Kingston (DUP) 1393 (6.1%, -1.5%)
Bill Manwaring (UUP) 386 (1.7%, -1.4%)
Aaron McIntyre (Alliance) 122 (0.5%, -1.4%)

@ member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Electorate 61,768; Total poll unknown (turnout 37.53%); Valid votes 22,951.

This was the first Westminster by-election in Northern Ireland since 2000 (South Antrim), the first caused by a resignation since the mass by-elections of 1986, and the first caused by a voluntary resignation where the incumbent did not seek re-election since the Armagh by-election of 1954, when Major Richard Harden decided to spend more time on his Welsh family estate.

Not a big surprise in SF's strongest constituency (where Adams had the fourth highest majority in the UK). Interesting to note Gerry Carroll of People Before Profit posting an increase both in percentage and in votes in a greatly reduced turnout, the lowest ever seen in a Northern Ireland parliamentary election.
Tags: world: northern ireland

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