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Having raved about the first volume of this series yesterday, I am equally glad about the second volume today, a collection of seven issues (I think), the first four taking Tom Taylor to a French prison where the governor reads Tommy Taylor books to his children and the Song of Roland makes an appearance, the next two taking Tom and his allies Savoy and Lizzie Hexen to Stuttgart in 1940 and a confrontation with Goebbels over the film of Jud Süss, and the last being a horrifying side story of a thug trapped in the form of a fluffy bunny rabbit in a children's book. The title of this volume at first appears to refer to a blog kept by one of Tom Taylor's fellow prisoners, but expands in meaning to ask what is inside any of us.

The Stuttgart section has bravely included several quotations from Hitler in the original German, without translation. My German is good enough to get the meaning (and spot a few transcription errors) but I wonder how this will go down with the average reader?

But basically I liked it a lot, and unless Bryan Talbot surprises me it will get my Hugo vote.


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Jun. 6th, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
I think your link to your rave about volume 1 is off.

I find the Unwritten interesting... for much of the time it plods along, being quite good, but then it has these flashes of genius. do the books you've read include the one about Kipling or any of the side stories set in a weird children's story type world? There was also the great Choose Your Own Adventure style issue recently.
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