Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Excursion to Sint-Truiden

We went to the nearby town of Sint-Truiden today, it being a public holiday and the place looking at least vaguely interesting. It is blessed with decently preserved architecture, witness here the town hall and church in the main square:

and here a sculpture dedicated to the area's main agricultural produce, yer basic fruits:

(You will note Mrs [Unknown LJ tag] making a rare appearance.)

Some interesting art also in the main square:

Rather gloriously, the tourist agency has put together a Quest for younger visitors, consisting of nine little locked boxes at several of the monuments. You are given a key, and some mildly cryptic clues, and you follow the map and take a puzzle piece out of each box:

You may find yourself distracted en route by unexpected medieval frescos...

...the elaborate astronomical clock of Camille Festraets, including wondrous animated figures which emerge and perform on the hour...

...or even cute baby goats...

...but eventually you will assemble the pieces to form a picture which says, can you see a gate like this?

If you can see such a gate, go through it...

...and you will find the treasure chest in an alcove...

..full of souvenir medals of St Trudo, the patron saint of Sint-Truiden.

Quite a long walk in the end, but a good time was had by all.
Tags: life: family, world: belgium

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