Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Thin Ice

Another of the Big Finish "missing stories", this one drastically expanded by Marc Platt from a note he did for Andrew Cartmel shortly before Old Who was cancelled. I find Platt's work a bit hit and miss, but this was a hit for me: the setting in Moscow in 1967, with the human side of Cold War relations between Britain and Russia colliding with Ice Warriors hunting a malevolent relic and also a plot line which I recognised from one of the later BBC webcast stories. There's a slightly dubious sfnal enhancement of the human reproductive process, and I also found the music occasionally intrusive and not a perfect match for the 60s setting (though an excuse for that is given in the commentary extras). Those points apart, it is so much better than last year's Sixth Doctor/Ice Warrior teamup, the dreadful Mission to Magnus, which should have stayed lost. Thin Ice was worth reviving.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 07, doctor who: audio, writer: marc platt

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