Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 5-20-2011

  • By someone who knew him much better than me: "I think Garret lived such a mentally sharp and active life for so long – still writing his regular economics column in the Irish Times to the end – because he was just so curious and endlessly interested in and enjoying the people around him."
    (tags: death ireland)
  • "He was *my* taoiseach."
    (tags: death ireland)
  • "The majority of men are in no persuasion bigots; they are not willing to sacrifice on every vain imagination that superstition or enthusiasm holds forth, or that even zeal and piety recommend, the certain possession of their temporal happiness ... "If anything can tend to revive and keep [fanaticism] up, it is to keep alive the passions of men by ill usage. This is enough to irritate even those who have not a spark of bigotry in their constitution to the most desperate enterprises; it certainly will inflame, darken and render more dangerous the spirit of bigotry in those who are possessed by it. "
    (tags: religion islam)
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  • The Rain-Soaked Bride, by Guy Adams

    Second paragraph of third chapter: ‘Certainly,’ replied the man who was calling himself Mr Fisher. He unbuttoned his jacket, shifted…

  • Hurricane Fever, by Tobias S. Buckell

    Second paragraph of third chapter: “I was. . .” Delroy started to excuse himself.A really accomplished technothriller, set in a slightly…

  • Zodiac Station, by Tom Harper

    Second paragraph of third chapter: I was always a solitary child. Back then, those white deserts at the top of the globe fired my sense of adventure.…

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