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North Down, Mid Ulster, West Tyrone #nd011 #mu11 #wt11 #ae11

North Down

Alex Easton DUP 5,175 18.4%
Gordon Dunne DUP 3,741 13.3%
Peter Weir DUP 3,496 12.4%
Stephen Farry AP 3,131 11.1%
Steven Agnew GRN 2,207 7.9%

Anne Wilson AP 2,100 7.5%
Alan McFarland Independent 1,879 6.7%
Alan Chambers Independent 1,765 6.3%
Leslie Cree UUP 1,585 5.6%
Colin Breen UUP 1,343 4.8%
Liam Logan SDLP 768 2.7%
Fred McGlade UKIP 615 2.2%
Conor Keenan SF 293 1.0%

Agnew held the Green seat by 99 votes ahead of Alliance's Anne Wilson, with 62 votes of Stephen Farry's surplus undistributed, which makes this realistically an even tighter result than the Fermanagh-South Tyrone margin of 62 for SF over the SDLP. DUP gain from UUP, with the UUP vote utterly splintered and devastated.

Mid Ulster

Martin McGuinness SF 8,957 21.0%
Ian McCrea DUP 7,127 16.7%
Michelle O'Neill SF 5,178 12.1%
Patsy McGlone SDLP 5,065 11.9%
Sandra Overend UUP 4,409 10.3%
Francie Molloy SF 4,263 10.0%

Ian Milne SF 2,635 6.2%
Walter Millar TUV 2,075 4.9%
Austin Kelly SDLP 1,214 2.8%
Hugh McCloy Independent 933 2.2%
Michael McDonald AP 398 0.9%
Harry Hutchinson PBPA 243 0.6%
Gary McCann Independent 241 0.6%

Not the most exciting of contests; no change in party strengths.

West Tyrone

Barry McElduff SF 6,008 15.3%
Pat Doherty SF 5,630 14.3%
Michaela Boyle SF 5,053 12.9%
Thomas Buchanan DUP 5,027 12.8%
Ross Hussey UUP 4,072 10.4%

Allan Bresland DUP 4,059 10.3%
Joe Byrne SDLP 3,353 8.5%
Declan McAleer SF 3,008 7.7%
Paddy McGowan Independent 1,145 2.9%
Eugene McMenamin Independent 1,096 2.8%
Eric Bullick AP 852 2.2%

Two changes here - I think the only constituency where this was true? Too tired to check! The SDLP managed to regain the seat they should never have lost to independent MLA Kieran Deeny in 2007, despite the interventions of two former SDLP members running as independents. And the UUP regained the seat they should not really have lost to the DUP in 2007, one which the DUP had (I understand) written off before the election, but which they still came fairly close to hanging on to. Not sufficient, as it turns out, to keep the UUP a second minister on the Executive.

More comprehensive commentary tomorrow, but I am going to bed now.
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