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East Belfast, West Belfast, East Antrim #bele11 #belw11 #ean11 #ae11

East Belfast

Peter Robinson DUP 9,149 28.3%
Judith Cochrane AP 4,329 13.4%
Chris Lyttle AP 4,183 12.9%
Sammy Douglas DUP 2,668 8.2%
Robin Newton DUP 2,436 7.5%
Michael Copeland UUP 2,194 6.8%

Dawn Purvis Independent 1,702 5.3%
Brian Ervine PUP 1,493 4.6%
Niall O Donnghaile SF 1,030 3.2%
Philip Robinson UUP 943 2.9%
Harry Toan TUV 712 2.2%
Martin Gregg GRN 572 1.8%
Ann Cooper BNP 337 1.0%
Magdalena Wolska SDLP 250 0.8%
Tommy Black SOC 201 0.6%
Kevin McNally WP 102 0.3%
Stephen Stewart Independent 46 0.1%

Impressive comeback from the DUP and also impressive consolidation for Alliance who win two seats in the same constituency for the first time since 1982, having of course taken the Westminster seat here from Peter Robinson last year. Alliance gain from the PUP's former leader Dawn Purvis, who lost out in her bid to get returned as an independent.

West Belfast

Paul Maskey SF 5,343 15.4%
Jennifer McCann SF 5,239 15.1%
Fra McCann SF 4,481 12.9%
Sue Ramsey 4,116 11.9%
Alex Attwood SDLP 3,765 10.9%
Pat Sheehan SF 3,723 10.7%

Brian Kingston DUP 2,587 7.5%
Gerry Carroll PBPA 1,661 4.8%
Bill Manwaring UUP 1,471 4.2%
Colin Keenan SDLP 802 2.3%
John Lowry WP 586 1.7%
Pat Lawlor SOC 384 1.1%
Dan McGuinness AP 365 1.1%
Brian Pelan Ind 122 0.4%

Looking at the first preferences, I had the idea that the 11.7% total Unionist vote might float ahead of the SF candidates, especially given the relative difficulty of ensuring that Gerry Carroll's voters would be sufficiently disciplined for the convenience of the Shinners' battle plan. But in the end, if you have enough votes, balancing doesn't matter, and SF had enough votes to keep all five seats, the SDLP retaining the sixth.

East Antrim

Sammy Wilson DUP 7,181 24.7%
David Hilditch DUP 3,288 11.3%
Roy Beggs UUP 3,042 10.5%
Stewart Dickson AP 2,889 10.0%
Oliver McMullan SF 2,369 8.2%

Rodney McCune UUP 1,851 6.4%
Gerardine Mulvenna AP 1,620 5.6%
Alastair Ross DUP 1,608 5.5%
Ruth Wilson TUV 1,346 4.6%
Justin McCamphill SDLP 1,333 4.6%
Gordon Lyons DUP 1,321 4.6%
Daniel Donnelly GRN 664 2.3%
Steven Moore BNP 511 1.8%

One of the most significant results of the election - the only case where boundary changes which favoured Nationalists actually resulted in a gain (whereas Unionists gained three Nationalist seats for this reason). A good result for SF who were only 45 votes ahead of the SDLP last year but outpolled them almost two to one this year, and took the second UUP seat as a result.
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