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East Londonderry, FST, Foyle #el11 #fst11 #foy11 #ae11

East Londonderry

Gregory Campbell DUP 6,319 18.2%
Cathal O hOisin SF 4,681 13.5%
George Robinson DUP 3,855 11.1%
David McClarty Independent 3,003 8.6
John Dallat SDLP 2,967 8.5%

Bernadette Archibald SF 2,639 7.6%
Adrian McQuillan DUP 2,633 7.6%
Thomas Conway SDLP 2,222 6.4%
Barney Fitzpatrick AP 1,905 5.5%
Boyd Douglas TUV 1,568 4.5%
Lesley Macaulay UUP 1,472 4.2%
David Harding UUP 1,458 4.2%

The UUP's deselection of sitting MLA David McClarty proved a serious mistake, as he stood and won his seat back as an independent.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Michelle Gildernew SF 9,110 19
Tom Elliott UUP 6,896 14.4
Arlene Foster DUP 6,876 14.3
Sean Lynch SF 5,146 10.7
Phil Flanagan SF 5,082 10.6
Maurice Morrow DUP 4,844 10.1

Tommy Gallagher SDLP 4,606 9.6
Kenny Donaldson UUP 2,366 4.9
Alex Elliott TUV 1,231 2.6
Pat Cox Independent 997 2.1
Hannah Su AP 845 1.8

SF succeeded in taking the SDLP seat here, Phil Flanagan a mere 62 votes ahead of Tommy Gallagher on the last count. An extraordinary outburst from UUP leader Tom Elliot at the count, as he described SF supporters as scum waving a foreign flag.


William Hay DUP 7,154 18.4
Martina Anderson SF 6,950 17.9
Mark H Durkan SDLP 4,970 12.8
Raymond McCartney SF 3,638 9.4
Pat Ramsey SDLP 3,138 8.1

Eamonn McCann PBPA 3,120 8
Colum Eastwood SDLP 2,967 7.6
Pol Callaghan SDLP 2,624 6.8
Paul Fleming SF 2,612 6.7
Paul McFadden Independent 1,280 3.3
Keith McGrellis AP 334 0.9
Terry Doherty Independent 60 0.2

No change in Foyle - the perpetual speculation about the SDLP's third seat was put to rest on first preferences, and consolidated by massive transfers from the DUP's surplus.
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