Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

South Belfast, #bels11 #ae11

South Belfast

Anna Lo AP 6,390 19.8%
Alasdair McDonnell SDLP 4,527 14.0%
Jimmy Spratt DUP 4,045 12.5%
Alex Maskey SF 4,038 12.5%

Ruth Patterson DUP 3,800 11.8%
Conall McDevitt SDLP 3,191 9.9%
Michael McGimpsey UUP 2,988 9.2%

Mark Finlay UUP 1,394 4.3%
Clare Bailey GRN 889 2.8%
Brian Faloon PBPA 414 1.3%
Paddy Meehan SOC 234 0.7%
Nico Torregrosa UKIP 234 0.7%
Paddy Lynn WP 135 0.4%
Charles Smyth PROC 29 0.1%

I stuck my neck out here last night, predicting that McDevitt could hold onto the SDLP seat with various lefty transfers despite his party being outpolled by the DUP, but he duly did so, leaving the two DUP runners to fight it out for the final seat. No change here.
Tags: world: northern ireland

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