Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

South Antrim #ae11 #san11

South Antrim

Paul Girvan DUP 4,844 15.1%
Mitchel McLaughlin SF 4,662 14.5%
Trevor Clarke DUP 4,607 14.3%
David Ford AP 4,554 14.2%
Danny Kinahan UUP 3,445 10.7%

Thomas Burns SDLP 3,406 10.6%
Pam Lewis DUP 2,866 8.9%
Adrian Watson UUP 2,285 7.1%
Mel Lucas TUV 1,091 3.4%
Stephen Parkes BNP 404 1.3%

The first change in party strengths in a completed seat. SDLP lose to DUP, really as a result of boundary changes - I make their performance an improvement on both last year's Westminster result and the adjusted 2007 figures, but it wasn't enough. NB another young woman newly elected to the Assembly, DUP's Pam Lewis, following UUP's Joanne Dobson in Upper Bann.
Tags: world: northern ireland

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