Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Newry and Armagh, Upper Bann #ae11

Newry and Armagh

Conor Murphy SF 9,127 19.6%
Danny Kennedy UUP 8,718 18.7%
Dominic Bradley SDLP 7,123 15.3%
Cathal Boylan SF 6,614 14.2%
William Irwin DUP 6,101 13.1%

Thomas O'Hanlon SDLP 3,825 8.2%
Mickey Brady SF 3,254 8.2%
Barrie Halliday TUV 830 1.8%
David Murphy AP 734 1.6%
Robert Woods UKIP 98 0.2%
James Malone Independent 90 0.2%

Least unexpected result of the election - same six MLA's elected as in 2007 from an all-male ballot paper.

Upper Bann

John O'Dowd SF 6,649 15.7%
Sydney Anderson DUP 5,854 13.8%
Stephen Moutray DUP 5,645 13.3%

Johnny McGibbon SF 0 4,879 11.5%
Dolores Kelly SDLP 4,846 11.4%
Sam Gardiner UUP 3,676 8.7%

Colin McCusker UUP 6 3,402 8.0%
Joanne Dobson UUP 3,348 7.9%
Harry Hamilton AP 1,979 4.7%
David Vance TUV 1,026 2.4%
Sheila McQuaid AP 786 1.9%
Barbara Trotter UKIP 272 0.6%

SF were talking up their chances of a gain here, and on the first preferences I thought that they had taken the SDLP seat. But in fact Kelly survived on Alliance transfers and (again) SF's failure to balance. Note also Joanne Dobson managing to win a seat from 8th place.
Tags: world: northern ireland

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