Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Industrial archaeology revisited

Last week I wrote of the abandoned steam tram line which passed through Sint-Joris-Weert. A little subsequent googling came up with these two picture postcards showing the two stations in operation, railway on the left, steam tram (with rails in front of it) on the right:

I can't read the sign on the near end of the tram station - its inscription seems to start with 'Ma'. The sign saying 'Sint-Joris-Weert' or possibly 'Weert-St-Georges' (or both) would have been over the front door.

I reckon that the upper picture is the earlier one, given that the road seems not to have been tarmaced and that there is no tree at the near end of the railway station - the tree is still there today (and I do mean today - picture taken this morning):

I notice also that the steeple of the tram station has been replaced by a smaller structure at some point.

Non-Belgians may be amused by the nature of the fast-food stall in front of the old tram station today, waiting to serve spectators at a bike race this afternoon.
Tags: world: belgium

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