Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

April Books 17) In The Heart of the Desert, by John Chryssavgis

Several years ago I read the collected sayings of the Desert Fathers (and Mothers); this is an introduction to their spirituality by an Australian theologian, who at least I suppose has some insight into deserts. I must say I have been spoiled for this sort of thing by my recent reading of Rūmī, who was able to develop profound philosophical insights while living his daily life without fleeing from society or concerning himself too much with mortification of the flesh. Again I observed that there is a certain amount of eremitical one-upmanship here, and while there are many reflections on how to set one's soul right within oneself and with God, there's not a lot about other people, who are usually an important part of whatever problems one may have. So I fear that the Desert fathers may not be for me.
Tags: bookblog 2011

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