Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

March Books 15) Fantasy: The Best Of The Year, 2007, edited by Rich Horton

One could reasonably gripe about this anthology because the cover names Peter S. Beagle, Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe, implying that stories by all three are to be found within, when in fact only Beagle makes an appearance, Gaiman and Wolfe being missing in action. I would be on firmer ground to criticise if I had actually rushed to read the book soon after buying it three and a half years ago, rather than letting it sit on the shelf until now. Anyway, it's a good collection of good stories, none of which I could remember having read before, the best for my money being Daniel Handler's post-mortem romance, "Naturally". Fantasy isn;t usually my genre but I can see the appeal from reading collections like this.
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