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Whoniversaries 16 February

i) births and deaths</b>

16 February 1945: birth of Jeremy Bulloch, who played Tor in The Space Museum (1965), Hal in The Time Warrior (1973-74), and is best known as Boba Fett in the first two Star Wars films.

16 February 1964: birth of Christopher Eccleston, who played the Ninth Doctor in 2005.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

16 February 1974: broadcast of sixth episode of Invasion of the Dinosaurs; last appearance as a regular character of Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, though he pops up again later in the season and in the current BBC audios starring Tom Baker. The Doctor sends Whitaker and Grover back to their Golden Age in a time eddy, and the world is saved.

16 February 1982: broadcast of second episode of The Visitation. The Doctor, Nyssa and Mace find cages full of rats; Adric and Tegan are captured by the Terileptils but Adric escapes; the Doctor is threatened with execution by the villagers.

16 February 1983: broadcast of second episode of Terminus. Tegan and Turlough are threatened by gas, the Doctor heads for Terminus, and Nyssa takes her skirt off.

16 February 1985: broadcast of first episode of The Two Doctors. The Second Doctor is captured by Sontarans and take to Spain; the Sixth Doctor senses a disturbance in the time stream and starts looking for him; Peri is attacked by a ragged Jamie.

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