Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 13 February

i) births and deaths

13 February 1933: birth of Patrick Godfrey, who played Tor in The Savages (1966) and Major Cosworth in The Mind of Evil (1971).

13 February 1943: birth of Donald Sumpter, who played Enrico Casali in The Wheel in Space (1968), Commander Ridgeway in The Sea Devils (1972) and Erasmus Darkening in The Eternity Trap (SJA, 2009).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

13 February 1965: broadcast of "The Web Planet", first episode of the story we now call The Web Planet. The Tardis is pulled off course to the planet of Vortis; Ian and the Doctor explore, and a mysterious force controls Barbara through her bracelet.

13 February 1971: broadcast of third episode of The Mind of Evil. The Master takes over the prison with the help of the prisoners, captures the Doctor, and subjects him to 'orrible visions.

13 February 2008: broadcast of Adam (Torchwood), the one with the alien ringer in the Torchwood team.

also 13 February 2008: broadcast of Reset (Torchwood), the one where Martha arrives and Owen is killed (for the first time).
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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