Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 2 February

i) births and deaths

2 February 1930: birth of Don Houghton, who wrote Inferno (1970) and The Mind of Evil (1971).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

2 February 1974: broadcast of fourth episode of Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Sarah is indoctrinated by the People; the Doctor is framed as the man behind the appearance of the dinosaurs.

2 February 1982: broadcast of second episode of Kinda. The unhinged Hindle takes over the base; Todd returns, equally out of his mind; Tegan, possessed by the mara, takes over Aris.

2 February 1983: broadcast of second episode of Mawdryn Undead. The Doctor meets the Brigadier and shocks him into remembering his previous incarnations; Tegan and Nyssa meet the younger Brigadier, and then a man with no top to his skull.

2 February 1984: broadcast of third episode of Frontios. Turlough remembers his own world's lore about the Tractators, who still have Tegan and the Doctor trapped in the tunnels.

2 February 1985: broadcast of first episode of Mark of the Rani, introducing Kate O'Mara as the Rani. In 1820s England, the Rani's experiments, aided by the Master, are turning locals into violent Luddites.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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