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Delicious LiveJournal Links for 1-22-2011

  • I'm chairing a couple of sessions at this.
    (tags: moldova)
  • Moffat's first ever Who story; readers will recognise some similarities with the most recent TV story, "A Christmas Carol".
    (tags: doctorwho)
  • Running tally of the referendum count. I wonder if the pro-unity vote can close the gap? (Actually, no I don't.)
    (tags: sudan)
  • Tremendous news - David Fisher to write a new novelisation of The Stones of Blood for audio release, to be read by Susan Engel (Vivien Fay in the TSusan Engel, who played Vivien Fay in the story, and also features John Leeson who provides the voice of K9 story) and also featuring John Leeson (K9). The original Terrance Dicks novelisation is workmanlike but not terribly memorable; however Fisher's two previous novelisations of his own stories - The Creature from the Pit and The Leisure Hive - are particularly good, among the best Fourth Doctor books and certainly better than the TV originals.
    (tags: doctorwho)
  • FRiveBooks is a brilliant site in general, and this is particularly delightful. "Any parting advice for young journalists?" "The best piece of advice I ever got was from John Bulloch, of The Independent, when I was grousing about some miserable act of sub-editing. ‘Never, ever read the paper, my boy,’ he said. ‘You’ll be much happier that way.’ So I didn’t, and I was. But since nobody reads newspapers any more anyway, this advice may be of limited application."
    (tags: books)
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