Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries January 14: Richard Briers, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Underwater Menace #1, Underworld #2

i) births and deaths

14 January 1934: birth of Richard Briers, who played the Chief Caretaker in Paradise Towers (1988) and Henry Parker in A Day in the Death (Torchwood, 2008).

14 January 1974: death of Paul Whitsun-Jones, who played the Squire in The Smugglers (1966) and the Marshal The Mutants (1972).

broadcast anniversaries

14 January 1967: broadcast of first episode of The Underwater Menace. The Doctor and friends land on a marine volcano around 1968. They escape sacrifice to the god Amdo, but Polly is threatened with transformation into a fish creature.

14 January 1974: broadcast of second episode of Underworld. The Doctor, Leela, Jackson and the crew explore the planetoid around the P7E.

iii) date specified in canon

14 January 2594: Benny Summerfield turns up on the planet of Tyler's Folly (in Lawrence Miles' 1997 novel Down).
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