Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,


Following on from the Sowerby resonance of just over a year ago, I now find myself having just finished one book and reading two more which feature a character called Barquentine. Granted, Gormenghast is the sequel to Titus Groan so in fact it's the same character, the heir and successor of Sourdust, the Master of Ritual; but I was then startled to encounter his cousin or descendant Susan Barquentine in Dave Stone's Doctor Who novel Heart of TARDIS. Both characters are sinister and somewhat faily (Mervyn Peake's Barquentine is sinister partly because he has a wooden leg and scoliosis, the Dave Stone one is a sinister succubus-like entity) but I'll discuss those problems later. What interests me now is, has anyone reading this ever actually met a real person whose real name was Barquentine?
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