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Whoniversaries 6 January

i) births and deaths

6 January 1955: birth of Rowan Atkinson, who played the Ninth Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death.

6 January 2009: death of John Scott Martin, Dalek operator and player of many parts in Old Who.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

6 January 1968: broadcast of third episode of The Enemy of the World. The one surviving episode of the story, with Denes kept prisoner in a corridor (!), Victoria working in the kitchen, and Salamander realising that something is up.

6 January 1973: broadcast of second episode of The Three Doctors. The Second Doctor, the Brigadier, Benton and the Tardis are transported to Omega's world to join the Third Doctor and Jo.

6 January 1979: broadcast of third episode of The Power of Kroll. The Swampies try to execute Romana, the Doctor and Rohm-Dutt, but they manage to escape by screaming; and Kroll rises from the deep.

6 January 1982: broadcast of second episode of Warriors of the Deep. The Silurians attack the seabase and the Doctor and Tegan are trapped by the Myrka.

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