Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

It starts today

The kids were supposed to go to school today, even though it is Christmas Eve. But the roads were slippery enough yesterday evening, and more snow has fallen overnight, our back garden showing that the total depth is about 30cm:

U's school bus decided not to run, and although F's school is only 4km away we decided that the trip isn't worth it (he is still coughing nastily). So Christmas starts here. I doubt very much that we will get any more postal deliveries today, so we'll be a bit short on actual presents tomorrow, but at least I have started marinading the boar.

And it will go on through next week, as the presents trickle in and visitors arrive - rarely posting LJ-ers manjushra, scattyme and child, liberaliser and Mrs liberaliser, all will arrive in time for one of the bigger New Year celebrations we've had here.

And Doctor Who is on tomorrow!

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