Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Most commented posts of the last year

The 32 posts on this journal since my last tally which got more than 15 comments (I've lowered the bar - last time, 42 posts had more than 20 comments, this time it was only 14, which no doubt reflects the general migration to Twitter and Facebook and perhaps my own less obsessive blogging this year). Top 17 in bold, top 8 and top 4 in larger fonts.

20 December 2009: ርሑስ በዓል ልደትን ሓድሽ ዓመትን - seasonal greetings in Tigrinya (23 comments)
22 December: Email scam - fake message from my cousin seeking £2000 immediately (21 comments)
30 December:
Books unread - my poll of books to read in 2010 (28 comments)
1 January 2010: 2009 books poll - have you read what I read last year? (17 comments)
9 January: I guess you could call this the NATO meme - a bit silly really (16 comments)
16 January: 'Completist' authors poll - which of these folks have you read? (24 comments)
14 February: A book I am unlikely to read - Blackout, by Connie Willis (16 comments)
21 February: Cooking 1) Boiling - how do you do rice? (15 comments)
28 February: February Books 17) A Short History of Fantasy, by Farah Mendlesohn and Edward James - discussion of book, BSFA voting, and availability of other nominees (17 comments)
7 March: State of me - health whinge (20 comments, thank you all!)
7 March:
Descendants - more on the most recent common ancestor, looking at the offspring of Victoria and Albert (19 comments)
19 April:
Victory of the Daleks - latest Doctor Who episode (20 comments)
29 April: Linkspam for 29-4-2010 - elmyra's post on being a European (18 comments)
15 May: So, that coalition then - discussion mostly about the House of Lords (15 comments)
4 June: Questions meme - I still owe people questions from this one, sorry (16 comments)
7 June - How to pronounce van Gogh - Doctor Who encounters the Dutch language (15 comments)
8 June - Address book backup - actually I went for none of the above (16 comments)
6 July: 600 seats - redrawing the seats in Northern Ireland (60 comments)
17 July: Statistically improbable phrases - identifying books via Amazon (19 comments)
8 August:
Tonight's the night (Sherlock) - when will you watch it? (19 comments)
10 August: Blackberry v Android (v iPhone) - seeking the wisdom of my f-list (54 comments)
13 August: August Books 10) A Fire Upon The Deep, by Vernor Vinge - general discussion (23 comments)
7 September:
Delicious LiveJournal Links for 7-9-2010 - mathematical discussion (38 comments)
6 September: Android brick - my customer dissatisfaction, still not completely assuaged (15 comments)
12 September:
Drama (locked post) - sick child (16 comments)
17 September:
Favourite series of books - early post in a meme which I did not complete (15 comments)
24 September: Ian Sales' list of British sf masterworks - didn't include many women (24 comments)
10 October: Author bites back - Paul Magrs objects to a review (21 comments)
7 November: What happened to the Doctor Who companions? - one of my favourite posts of the year (15 comments)
2 December: TAFF (locked post) - I didn't go for it in the end (15 comments)
8 December: Which are the best novels by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman? - poll and discussion (22 comments)
17 December:
Bizarre incident - road rage (22 supportive comments, thank you all)

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments.

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