Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Looking for another telecoms provider

Readers may remember the ongoing saga of my battles with Belgacom over my office phone line. I finally took the step of signing up with Toledo Telecom, both for the office landline and for my mobile phone (which I switched to the infamous HTC Desire about the same time).

At first I quite liked Toledo; unlike Belgacom, where I could never get through to a human being if there was a problem, at least there was always a real person on the end of the line to help, and minor technical issues would get sorted on the day, often within the hour.

But. More complex stuff seemed to fall between the cracks - for instance, just a small issue, but wanting to plug two computers into the model rather than using WiFi in the office (for obvious and real security reasons); a request for technical assistance has gone a week without response.

Also, even more seriously, my mobile phone bills have gone through the roof. It's possible that this is partly due to some quirk of the Desire; it's certain that Toledo have not responded to my repeated requests that they look into it.

So I am on the lookout for a better, probably Belgian, mobile phone provider (and open to offers on the landline as well). I suspect that at the large data usage I am looking for there won't be much difference in price; customer service is the key issue for me, where both Belgacom and Toledo have failed to give satisfaction.

Does any of my Belgian friends reading this have experience of dealing with customer service at Mobistar, Proximus or Base? I used to be a Base customer, and they were OK until I was seduced by Toledo's empty promises; but I don't feel compelled to go back to them if I can do better elsewhere.

Or is there perhaps some more imaginative solution that I had not thought of?

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