Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 14 December

i) births and deaths

14 December 1919: birth of Michael Bilton, who played Charles de Teligny The Massacre (1966), Collins the butler in Pyramids of Mars (1975) and a Time Lord (one of the guys who isn't Gold Usher) in The Deadly Assassin (1976).

14 December 1926: birth of Alan Rowe, who played Evans and the voice of Space Control in The Moonbase (1967), Edward of Wessex in The Time Warrior (1973-74), Skinsale in Horror of Fang Rock (1977), which I am watching at the moment, and Garif in Full Circle (1980).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

14 December 1963: broadcast of "The Firemaker", fourth episode of the story we now call An Unearthly Child. Ian makes fire for Za, who defeats Kal and tries to force the time travellers to stay with the tribe; but they escape.

14 December 1978: broadcast of seventh episode of The Invasion. UNIT successfully uses a Russian rocket to destroy the source of the Cybermen's signal.

14 December 1988: broadcast of first episode of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. The Doctor and Ace land on Segonax and are captured by the Psychic Circus.
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