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Whoniversaries 19 November

i) births and deaths

19 November 1924: birth of William Russell, who played Ian Chesterton from 1963 to 1965 and has done a number of Big Finish plays, including the just released Lost First Doctor stories by Moris Farhi.

19 November 1971: birth of Naoko Mori, who played Toshiko Sato in the first two series of Torchwood (2006, 2008) having first appeared in Aliens of London (2005).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

19 November 1966: broadcast of third episode of The Power of the Daleks. The rebels capture Polly, and the Doctor and Ben erode Lesterson's trust in the Daleks.

19 November 1977: broadcast of fourth episode of Image of the Fendahl. The Doctor kills the Fendahleen with salt, blows up the cottage and drops the skull into a supernova.

19 November 2006: broadcast of Countrycide (Torchwood), the one with the cannibalistic villagers.

19 November 2007: broadcast of second episode of The Lost Boy (SJA), ending the first series of Sarah Jane Adventures. Luke defeats the Slitheen and K9 reappears to dael with Mr Smith.

19 November 2009: broadcast of first episode of The Gift (SJA). The Blathereen, hunting the Slitheen, give Rani the Rakweed which however starts to take over the world.

iii) historical event in canon

19 November 1863: Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address, as observed by the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara in The Chase (1965).
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