Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 18 November

i) births and deaths

18 November 1932: birth of Trevor Baxter, who played Professor Litefoot in The Talons of Weng-Chiang (1977) and has reprised the role in Big Finish audios over the last year or so.

18 November 1934: birth of Mitzi McKenzie, who played Mrs Martin in Colony in Space (1971) and Nancy in The Green Death (1973).

18 November 1948: birth of Paul Jerricho who played the Castellan in both Arc of Infinity (1983) and The Five Doctors (also 1983).

18 November 1953: birth of Alan Moore, acclaimed comics writer whose early work included five stories published in Doctor Who Weekly (as it then was) in 1980.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

18 November 1967: broadcast of second episode of The Ice Warriors. Varga captures Victoria and prepares to unfreeze his comrades.

18 November 1978: broadcast of fourth episode of The Stones of Blood. The Doctor evades the justice of the Megara and transforms the Great Seal of Diplos into the third segment of the Key to Time.

18 November 2005: broadcast of the first New Who Children in Need Special. The new Doctor tries to reassure Rose of his identity.
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