Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 12 November

broadcast and publication anniversaries

12 November 1964: publication of Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks by David Whitaker, the first and still the best novelisation of any of the televised stories. Hunt it down if you can - any self-respecting fan should have a copy.

12 November 1966: broadcast of second episode of The Power of the Daleks. Despite the Doctor's best efforts, Lesterson revives one of the metal monsters, which harshly declares itself to be the humans' "ser-vant".

12 November 1977: broadcast of third episode of Image of the Fendahl. Much chasing around the priory, culminating in the summoning of the Fendahleen by Stael and his followers.

12 November 2006: broadcast of Small Worlds (Torchwood), the one with the creepy fairies and people coughing up rose petals.

12 November 2007: broadcast of first episode of The Lost Boy (SJA). Luke apparently is really the son of Jay and Heidi; Mr Smith is really a Xylok; Jay and Heidi are really Slitheen. (Do try to keep up.)

12 November 2008: broadcast of first episode of Mona Lisa's Revenge (SJA). The Mona Lisa comes alive and captures Sarah Jane. (I told you, do try to keep up.)
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