Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

I don't think I will buy this book

Some of you will have seen this elsewhere:
[Interviewer:] You have stated elsewhere that the plot of the novel was given to you in a vision while taking ayahuasca, a mind altering substance from the Amazon, a drug you have taken at least thirty times. What led you to believe that this substance is more than a hallucinogenic, and that the visions you received were more than just the ravings of a drug-enhanced mind and actually from a higher power?

[Author:] Ayahuasca, and its active ingredient dimethyltryptamine (DMT) are extremely interesting agents for bringing about deeply altered states of consciousness. People from many different walks of life and from many different cultures all report finding themselves in similar otherworldly landscapes where they meet similar intelligent non-human beings with teachings to offer.

Increasing numbers of serious researchers are willing to consider the possibility that these beings and realms are real – perhaps in ways that quantum physics can elucidate.
Mmmm. I am sure that those researchers are both very serious and vastly increasing in number.

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