Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 8 November

i) births and deaths

8 November 1956: birth of Richard Curtis, executive producer of The Curse of Fatal Death (1999) and writer of Vincent and the Doctor (2010)

ii) broadcast anniversaries

8 November 1975: broadcast of third episode of Pyramids of Mars. The Doctor and Sarah fail to blow up the rocket, and the Doctor is transported to Sutekh's chamber.

8 November 1980: broadcast of third episode of Full Circle. The Doctor and Dexeter analyse their samples, but Romana lets the Marshmen onto the starliner.

8 November 1986: broadcast of second episode of Terror of the Vervoids (ToaTL #10). One of the Mogarians turns out to be a detective in disguise, and the Isolation Room contains a plant/human hybrid.

8 November 1989: broadcast of third episode of The Curse of Fenric. The Haemovores attack the church and Judson is possessed by Fenric.

8 November 2010: broadcast of first episode of Lost in Time (SJA).
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries
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