Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 5 November

i) births and deaths

5 November 1983: birth of Andrew Hayden-Smith who played Jake in Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel, and Doomsday (all 2006).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

5 November 1966: broadcast of first episode of The Power of the Daleks. Ben and Polly are getting used to the mysterious new bloke in the Tardis; they land on the planet Vulcan where Stevenson has been experimenting with Daleks from a crashed ship.

5 November 1977: broadcast of second episode of Image of the Fendahl. The mysterious skull is taking over Thea, terrifying Mrs Tyler, and forces the Doctor to touch it in agonising pain.

5 November 2006: broadcast of Cyberwoman (Torchwood), the one with the, er, Cyberwoman.

5 November 2007: broadcast of second episode of Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (SJA). Maria's father saves her and Sarah Jane from the Trickster; poor Andrea remains drowned.

5 November 2009: broadcast of first episode of The Eternity Trap (SJA). Clyde, Rani and Sarah investigate the mysterious manor of Lord Marchwood and Erasmus Darkening (Luke gets a week off).
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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