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October Books

Non-fiction 7 (YTD 61)
Ireland in the Age of the Tudors 1447-1603, by Stephen G. Ellis
Pies and Prejudice, by Stuart Maconie
The Great Tradition, by F.R. Leavis
Sudan: Darfur and the Failure of an African State, by Richard Cockett
Up the Poll: Great Irish Election Stories, by Shane Coleman
A Short History of Myth, by Karen Armstrong
Burghley: William Cecil at the Court of Elizabeth I, by Stephen Alford

Fiction (non-sf) 4 (YTD 43)
Fallen Angels, by Walter Dean Myers
Advise and Consent, by Allen Drury
The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner
A Doll's House, by Henrik Ibsen

SF (non-Who) 2 (YTD 62)
Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand
Earth Logic, by Laurie Marks

Doctor Who 5 (YTD 56)
Blue Box, by Kate Orman
Deceit, by Peter Darvill-Evans
The Crystal Bucephalus, by Craig Hinton
The Many Hands, by Dale Smith
Seeing I, by Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman

Comics 1 (YTD 15)
Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness, by Bryan Lee O'Malley

5/19 (YTD 51/238) by women (Armstrong, Rand, Marks, Orman x 2)
2/19 (YTD 18/238) by PoC (Myers, O'Malley)
12 owned for more than a year (A Short History of Myth, Earth Logic, The Great Tradition, Deceit, Seeing I, Burghley, The Sound and the Fury, Pies and Prejudice, A Doll's House, Fallen Angels, The Many Hands, Ireland in the Age of the Tudors)
No rereads (YTD 21/238) though Ireland in the Age of the Tudors is a much updated second edition of Tudor Ireland which I read in 2008.
~6,500 pages (YTD ~75,900)

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