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Whoniversaries 22 October

i) births and deaths

22 October 1938: birth of Sir Derek Jacobi, who has played the Master in both the TV story Utopia (2007) and the webcast Scream of the Shalka (2003) as well as the central character in the Big Finish 'Unbound' audio Deadline (also 2003).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

Today is one of ten dates in the year on which seven or more episodes of the extended Whoniverse have been first broadcast.

22 October 1966: broadcast of third episode of The Tenth Planet. The Doctor is taken ill; Cutler decides to launch the Z-Bomb.

22 October 1977: broadcast of fourth episode of The Invisible Enemy. The Doctor manages to kill off the virus with antibodies before it can swarm; and K9 leaves with the Tardis.

22 October 2006: broadcast of Everything Changes and Day One, the first two episodes of the first series of Torchwood. Everything Changes is the one where Gwen joins the team (also therefore first appearance of Rhys, Owen, and Ianto, and return appearances from Jack and Tosh). Day One is the one with the sex-fuelled alien.

22 October 2007: broadcast of second episode of Warriors of Kudlak (SJA. Luke and Clyde rescue the other captured children; Sarah and Maria then rescue Luke and Clyde, and the whole war turns out to be a mistake.

22 October 2009: broadcast of first episode of The Mad Woman in the Attic (SJA). The eponymous woman is Rani, fifty years in the future in a devastated future Earth. She tells the story of how this happened, when she and an old friend investigated a spooky derelict funfair...
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