Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Drama concluded

On Friday last week we had a major moment of family drama - B, our eldest, who is severely disabled and lives in permanent residential care 30 km away from us, went down with serious food poisoning and had to go into hospital. Because she can't talk and can be rather difficult if people mess with her (eg, giving her medicine, or more specifically putting a drip in her arm), Anne had to go and stay with her full-time in hospital; I had to rush back early from my business trip to Moldova and look after the other two until B was discharged on Tuesday - not yet fully recovered, but well enough to return to her home.

I found sudden single parenthood tremendously exhausting (I had picked up a nasty bug on my travels which didn't help the energy levels) and now appreciate my good fortune in the normal management of our household even more than I already did. My wife is pretty amazing, and I am a very lucky man.

And I boggle with admiration for anyone who is a single parent and also has a full-time job.

Tags: life: family

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