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i) births and deaths

11th September 1981: birth of Lachlan Niebohr, who played Jack's brother Gray in the second season of Torchwood (2008). (So what happened to him after the Hub was blown up?)

ii) broadcast anniversaries

11th September 1965: broadcast of "Four Hundred Dawns", first episode of the story we now call Galaxy 4, starting Season 3 of Old Who. The Doctor, Steven and Vicki land on a remote planet where the Drahvins and Rills (the latter assisted by the robot Chumblies) are at odds. But the Doctor discovers that the planet will explode the day after next.

11th September 1976: broadcast of episode 2 of The Masque of Mandragora. The Doctor escapes execution, and Sarah escapes sacrifice, but is recaptured by the cultists.

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