Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 6 September: Zygons #2, Hive #2, ToaTL #1, Real Time ends

broadcast anniversaries

6th September 1975: broadcast of second episode of Terror of the Zygons. The Zygons brag to captive Harry about their control of the Loch Ness Monster / Skarasen, and unleash it on the Doctor...

6th September 1980: broadcast of second episode of The Leisure Hive. The Doctor is forced to age by the Argolins.

6th September 1986: broadcast of fisrt episode of The Forbidden Planet (Trial of a Time Lord #1), starting the belated Season 23. The Doctor is captured and put on trial; flashback to the somewhat incomprehensible beginning of the adventure on Ravalox.

6th September 1989: broadcast of first episode of Battlefield, starting the last season of Old Who. Yay Brigadier! Lots of nice scene-setting, and then a knight materialises and addresses the Doctor as 'Merlin'.

6th September 2002: webcast of final episode of Real Time.Evelyn is saved from cyber-conversion, but the ending is a bit confusing.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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