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Results are out all over the net, best source is here. The fiction winners were all born (as far as I know) between 1958 and 1972 - indeed, the Best Novel Award was shared by two writers both born in 1972, China Miéville (for The City & The City) and Paolo Bacigalupi (for The Windup Girl). Four of the five are first-time Hugo winners (the exception being Charles Stross). All five are men (in contrast to 2009 and 2008 where the honours were equally divided). Thanks to Bacigalupi having won the Nebula earlier this year I now also have to update my web pages tracking joint winners.

I haven't seen the full results yet but clearly my blogging reviews of the entries had very little influence on the voters, as I did not pick a single one of the written fiction winners (and indeed gave rather low preferences to all three short fiction winners), and put the winner of one other category below 'No Award' on my ballot. I did at least vote for The Waters of Mars, which won, and for Patrick Nielsen Hayden. My lack of influence is no doubt a Good Thing, and the winners all deserve congratulations anyway.

I shall now set about acquiring Moon - I have a long airport stopover next weekend and will see if I can watch it in the lounge.
Tags: hugos 2010, sf: hugos

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