Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Clear orange water opens up between the UUP candidates

Well, a clear gap of policy has opened between the two candidates for the UUP leadership, with Tom Elliott, generally considered the front-runner, clarifying that he will not attend GAA matches or gay pride parades, though in a burst of tolerance he will apparently "hold no issue with any of those who would". His opponent, Basil McCrea, has indeed attended both such events in the past. Gerry Lynch aptly characterises Elliott as posing as Lord Brookeborough's reincarnation. Ian Parsley is appalled. Elliott's cheerleader, Mike Nesbitt, seems to have been told the opposite by the candidate. 'Chekov' mocks Elliott's apparent inconsistency; Lee Reynolds recommends that Nesbitt should manage his own comments better. (Reynolds also twists the knife by reporting that the UUP have over-nominated in Lagan Valley. Again.)

Tom Elliott will no doubt be dismayed and offended when he is accused of bigotry (rather than "big tent"-ry). But this affair shows his unsuitability for the leadership of any party that wants to expand its appeal beyond heterosexual Protestants. Perhaps the UUP has no such ambitions. We shall find out on 22 September.
Tags: world: northern ireland

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