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broadcast anniversaries

30th August 1975: broadcast of the first episode of Terror of the Zygons, launching Season 13. The Doctor, Harry and Sarah, responding to the Brigadier's appeal via space-time telegraph, land in the neighbourhood of Loch Ness which looks strangely like Sussex. Oil rigs are being wrecked in the North Sea; while tending to a survivor, Harry is shot and injured by a servant of the enigmatic Duke of Forgill. As Sarah visits him in hospital, she is grabbed by... a Zygon!!!!!

30th August 1980: broadcast of the first episode of The Leisure Hive, launching Season 18. Poor K9 gets short-circuited on the beach at Brighton; the Doctor and Romana head for the famous pleasure planet, Argolis, but the Doctor, investigating a mysterious chamber, apparently gets torn apart. (Perhaps symbolic of new producer John Nathan-Turner's plans for the show.)

30th August 2002: release of fifth episode of webcast Real Time. Cybermen, viruses and the Time Portal; by this stage I'd lost interest in it but I will give it another go some time.


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Aug. 30th, 2010 05:39 am (UTC)
The significance of the Terror of the Zygons episode 1, of course, was that it was moving Doctor Who from Winter/Spring to Autumn/Winter where it belongs.

I seem to remember insisting that we arrive home from our European camping holiday BANG ON September 1st on a hunch that Season 19 would start then, because that was when Season 18 had started. Of course, that was the year of the move to bi-weekly transmission on a weekday starting in January, so in the end we were just two and a half months early for The Five Faces of Doctor Who.
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